Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extreme Climate Change

Whether you agree or not the world is experiencing a vast number of extreme weather events from different parts of the globe in recent years. Each of which seems to be a record breaker of its kind. I don't know how you feel about all these but I would say these events are a big question mark for all of us.

Yale Environment 360 asked A panel of eight leading climate scientists that offer answers to the question, "Is extreme weather change linked to global warming?" Their responses varied, with some agreeing on rising temperatures already are bringing on turbulent weather and others saying that more extreme weather may be likely, however, data available is not enough to make out a trend in that note.

Whether the debate is true or not, here is one thing that is undeniably true - climate change is hitting the homes of the many. The phenomenal events are affecting the lives of millions. Media has been asking questions to the experts but they get the same answers. In a much earlier article in Yale Environment 360, Trenberth says  that scientists are giving the same nonchalant explanation that we can't definitely point a finger solely to the climate change. In finding trends, it is necessary to compare the most extreme events to ordinary extreme events (To read the full article, go to: Yale Environment 360).

Tsunami in Japan 2011

Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines 2009

Massive Earthquake in New Zealand 2011

Haiti Earthquake 2010

These were but just a few of the unforgettable and most painful results of the said climate change.We are all so helpless when nature hits us big time. One can only pray for mercy and grieve for the losses including loved ones. Is climate change for real? I have come across websites with different views. Some are hard to believe, some can leave a doubt, some with logical explanation and others I find truly scary. Again, I try to keep an open mind to each and every article I read. Here are some of the links I've read. I don't know...I feel that we just have to educate ourselves to be aware and be prepared of I - don't - honestly - know - what.

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