Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kids Suffering from Stroke

I recently came across an article about kids suffering from strokes. Kids as young as 6 years old falling victim to obesity. The dramatic evidence shows that even babies are being treated in hospitals because of their weight - some after being weaned on pureed junk food. Research had it that hundreds of children under three are being treated for obesity. At least 40 babies under one have been admitted in the past five years. The rising increase in number of babies and toddlers are being diagnosed as clinically obese; more so suffering weight - linked diseases that normally appear in later life.

Much of the problem caused by the parents who wean their babies while they are too young and feed them with inappropriate foods. Report shows that doctors have seen babies being fed with crisps, chocolates and even sodas. There are parents guilty of giving their infants pureed chips with milk or even mashed take-away foods. It is sad to note that many of the overweight children are suffering from breathing difficulties and manifesting early signs of obesity related diabetes. Experts says some parents must be taught what to feed their babies.

The popular hope is that it is just baby fat and they will grow out of it, but studies show that it is more likely to continue being obese and even become more obese. Research suggests that unhealthy eating can "programme" young children's taste for the rest of their life. They are finding evidence that a child's gene may be programmed in the womb by the lifestyle of their parents.

Fat babies are cute to look at but is it really healthy?


  1. I love a baby with rolls, but too big, no!

    Two of my nephews had rolls, and now they are skinny!

    My kids have always been skinny. Even as babies.

  2. I agree with you. Though they are cute to look at but it isn't really healthy.