Monday, June 27, 2011

Basic Self Defense for Women

Unfortunately, the world outside is no longer a safe place to be in. Whether you like it or not, there are always bad guys waiting for their next prey. Women are most likely their target due to the fact that women are weaker than them in terms of physical stature. But that should not intimidate you as there are several techniques you can do to outsmart your attacker. Before we proceed, the goal here is to escape, not to kill or beat the hell out of him. You just want to let him know that you can't be a passive victim and that you know how to defend yourself.

Assess the distance of your attacker. Your move will depend on how close the person is to you; which part of your body to employ and where you will strike your attacker. Focus by looking straight into his eyes and start positioning your body. Make sure  to put one foot forward to have a solid foot hold on the ground; knees slightly bent. Putting yourself in this stance will not make you off balance easily.

Eyes - Target the eyes by pushing your fingers into the attacker's eyes. Damaging the attacker's field of vision makes him more likely to leave you alone because he knows you'll be putting up a fight.

Throat/ Adam's Apple - Hit with your elbow or fist as hard as you can. You must do this accurately to give a good throat punch. Aim for the Adam's apple as it should shock the attacker the most.

Nose - You can hit the nose in three directions: on top, on the side and up under. Striking on top of the nose (bridge) needs a closed fist hammer blow. This will cause pain and possible bleeding. If the attacker is behind you, a backward elbow strike all the way up to the nose will be effective causing pain, eye watering, possible bleeding and jerking back of the attacker's head can create disorientation. If the attacker is close in front of you strike a palm up under the nose. This is a good move if the attacker is taller than you. A powerful blow to the head/ nose could be fatal. However, this move can disorient your attacker. Remember, the objective is to deliver enough pain to stun him so he'd loosen his grip on you. Escape.

Shin - Strike your attacker with a fast and forceful kick. It will briefly stop him and a great chance for you to escape. If you hit the shin accurately, your attacker should find it very hard to you a chase.

Groin - Like the throat, you need to be very precise when aiming for the groin. If you hit the right spot, it should immobilize him long enough for you to get away.

Avoid over thinking of what move to do. This will cause you to freeze. Act upon instinct and focus. Presence of mind will definitely give you control of your life.

It would be best though if you wouldn't have to engage yourself physically. It is always better to use your head. Self defense is actually doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you. It is all about being smart. If you feel like you are being watched, that could be your intuition telling you something. Your common sense is telling you that something is not right and you should go back where there are a lot of people. Do the best thing you can to prevent things from getting worse. Do not invite trouble.

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