Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Protecting Yourself

Do you know how the articles you carry everyday can save you from a life threatening situation? Things like umbrella, newspaper, perfume, books, keys and other objects that you may have in your purse can be used in self defense. 

HANDBAG: You are walking and someone is determined to stop you. Do not hesitate, hit your attacker in the face as hard as you can to distract him and immediately follow it up with a kick in the groin. Don't wait for the result of your action. Get away quickly.

NEWSPAPER: Someone grabs your arm. Turn and face your attacker and hit him solidly in the nose with the rolled up newspaper.

KEY: You can use this object to stab your attacker in the side of his face. Quickly follow this up by hammering the nose with a closed fist. If your attacker is holding you closely, use the key in the same manner and jab his nose with the heel of your hand to free yourself completely. Escape.

BOOK: If you are carrying a book, same moves apply. You can use the hard corner of the book to hit your attacker in the nose and as much as possible, make a follow up kick in the groin. Make your hit as accurately as you can. Do not think twice. Just do it and plan your escape.

UMBRELLA  Use this object targeting the nose or the groin or whichever is possible. If you have a long umbrella or a stick, you can poke hard in the center of the solar plexus of your attacker. This area is so sensitive, and causes an individual to reel in agony if he receives a blow there. When you learn self defense or any other martial arts techniques you will be told about the solar plexus location in the body. It is a location where a number of nerve endings meet, and this increases the sensitivity and the functionality of this specific region. The general location of the solar plexus in a human being is in the back of the stomach, or the upper abdomen.

Bear in mind that there are some important rules on how to react if attacked. Top most is focus; seconded with determination, quick to act and where to hit your attacker. Know your primary target - the eyes and the groin; the others are secondary targets only. If you keep these in mind then you already have the advantage over your attacker. If possible, avoid a confrontation. Stay calm and work out an effective strategy  to fight off. However, if you have a determined attacker, breathe slowly and calm your nerves. Always look straight in his eyes and turn sideways to make it a bit difficult for the attacker to grab you. Do not hesitate to hurt him. Otherwise, you will give him the chance to be successful with whatever his motives are. Be careful not to get cornered. Always lead yourself to an open space and not near the door or a wall. 

Most attackers think that they are at an advantage. They'll be in for a big shock if you surprise them with the least of their expectation. Surprise is a very important factor in self defense. If used properly, you can off balance him and this would definitely give you valuable time to save yourself. Screaming loud and spitting in the face are both effective.

Your correct stance is also essential because of the maximum mobility it can give you. Relax your body, position your other foot slightly forward and not too close from each other, knees slightly bent in a comfortable fashion. Your shoulders should be diagonal to your attacker  to present the least part of your body to be grabbed by the attacker. Always clench your fists to prevent your fingers to be damaged when there is a need to block their arms. Keep moving and avoid being in a steady position. Hands and arms must always be ready for any attacks. This will confuse your attacker. Try to stay out of reach from your attacker but maintain eye contact.

Always and always hit your attacker in vulnerable areas. Otherwise they may not affect your attacker. We are not Bruce Lee, Steven Segal or Jet Lee. We are of the weaker gender and are only fighting back for our life, defending the safety of our love ones or even protecting our property if confronted with an aggressor.

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