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World Blitz was created in June 2011. The articles contained herein are generally about the significant events happening in our world today. Some articles may contain my own personal observations and view of a topic that marked my mind and captured my interest.

My goal in this blog site is to compile all the reported events worldwide that transpired in the past, our present time  and what has yet to come. As such, are highlights correlating to what was put forth in the Holy Bible's Revelation in relation to that of the Blessed Virgin Mary's revelations in her apparitions to selected religious individuals.

My curiosity commenced with the eleven parts video uploaded by the Most Holy Family Monastery in Youtube; entitled, "Is the World About To End?" For me, it was an eye opener which led me to research and educate myself further for the truth. One though must keep an open mind in watching the videos,  otherwise, your skepticism may lock you out from pursuing till the end part.

We accept that this and that news are happening everywhere. The world has advanced to an unimaginable progressive era. The evolution in technology proved to be beneficial to the present time. Anything and everything is almost possible. But, the fact remains, intelligence and Science cannot stop the unfolding reality and the events prophesied  in the Holy Bible. Look around you. Read the news. Feel the weather. Observe and ponder. Reality depicts what was foretold.

Much more to all these, there are aspects hidden from the majority. Unless, one would cultivate his or her own knowledge, the reality will remain uncovered. They have been there...always in the background. Ignorance of the matter may labour bad fruits. Complacency may bring forth loss of the burning love for the Supreme Being.

All the information here are factual and well researched. The goal is to expand the awareness and understanding of the people who happen to come across my blog site.

May you be touched by The Blessed Virgin Mary and see reason with what you read, observe and hear.

May God Almighty Bless Us All!!!

The Author
World Blitz

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