Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beware of Mobile Hacking

Like any other computer, some phones can be fairly easy to crack!

Security experts say the growth of smartphones will lead to more sophisticated breaches.

Former News of the World staffers say that reporters use tricks to gain access to voice mail inboxes and gather a great deal of information from British celebrities and the royal family. An illegal method called Pretexting are used to obtain the PIN codes to access those accounts.

Another mechanism in mobile-phone carriers' system allows people to access voice-mail messages remotely from any phone. Together with the growth of more advanced cell phones, sophisticated intrusions also advanced their technology to gain easy access on these pocket computers as they have multiple avenues of entry point available to them.

Beware of installing poison applications or even opening of malicious links in your phone browsers as this is a trick commonly used by any form of hackers because software makers provide few safeguards against these kinds of attack.

You might be thinking that you are a nobody and that no one would take interest in hacking your mobile device. True enough! Though ordinary people we are, we have to protect ourselves from mobile attackers with malicious intent. Some people just want to earn a living the easy way and with no sweat. Therefore, we must protect our hard earned money from such mobile device attacks. Just like you would on a computer, be wary of addresses or communications with which you're not familiar with.  If there are cyber thieves, I am sure there are mobile thieves around the globe finding ways and means on how to crack and steal important information such as your back accounts and credit cards. If they can hack big corporations who have all the money to purchase sophisticated software to protect them then how else can we protect our interests?

Resource: CNN
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